2016 Canadian International Autoshow

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2016 Canadian International Autoshow

As a member of the Connected Vehicle Project, Alcohol Countermeasure Systems (ACS) integrated the L Series alcohol interlock handset directly to the vehicle network via the CAN bus. Integration into the vehicle removes the requirement of an Electronic Control Unit (ECU). All information that would typically appear on the handset is now presented within the vehicle instrument cluster, providing the driver with a more dynamic interface than ever before.

Our company is exhibiting a wide range of alcohol interlocks and personal breath testers at this year’s Canadian International AutoShow in Toronto, Ontario. This annual conference showcases the latest and greatest technologies in the automotive industry.

Our main focus for this event is to raise awareness of drink-driving around the world and highlight the importance of alcohol interlocks. The ALCOLOCK L OEM, an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) interlock, and the ALCOLOCKV3, a commercial interlock perfect for companies who use fleet vehicles, are some of the various products being exhibited

We are constantly innovating our products and services to bring you the best possible option when it comes to your personal safety.