Alcohol Interlock Symposium 15

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Alcohol Interlock Symposium 15

This year Alcohol Countermeasure System (ACS) Corp. marks its 15th year at Alcohol Interlock Symposium as both a platinum sponsor and an exhibitor at the event.

This year’s Alcohol Interlock Symposium will take place from September 13th to the September 15th at the Radisson Blu Royal Hotel in Brussels, Belgium featuring an “Efficiency Through Automation” theme. This contemporary theme is in line with the ever evolving alcohol ignition interlock technology, which brings forward a demand to better understand the integration of interlock devices into modern automobiles. The event will also discuss evolving ignition interlock services including their connection to the database system and how to overall improve a driver’s user experience.

Biannually, the Alcohol Interlock Symposium manages to gather researchers, government officials and various alcohol ignition interlock providers to discuss, collaborate and join their efforts in improving legislations and road safety. This year’s events are organized by European Transport Safety Council (ETSC) and Traffic Injury Research Foundation (TIRF). Both organizations have a mandate to reduce road injuries and fatalities, better understand the causes and effects of roadside crashes and continue to improve global road safety regulation.

The Alcohol Interlock Symposium is also a great platform for showcasing recent technological advancements within the alcohol ignition interlock industry. We are both honoured and excited to join the “Efficiency Through Automation” discussion and provide our technological contribution as a compliance ignition interlock provider.