ALCOLOCK UK Partners with Maynes Coaches

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ALCOLOCK UK, a global leader in the development of alcohol interlocks and breathalyzer products, is pleased to announce a new partnership with Maynes Coaches, a UK-based, family-run business with almost 70 years of experience in the coach and travel industry. Maynes Coaches works proactively to improve commercial safety; their decision to select ALCOLOCK UK and the ALCOLOCK™ V3, is a step forward for innovation, convenience and public safety within the UK.

In operations throughout the United Kingdom and Europe, Maynes Coaches made a commitment to ensure “Comfort on the Move” for their customers, leading them to the unveiling of the new alcohol interlock safety feature, increasing their customers’ peace of mind. The ALCOLOCK™ V3 is hard-wired to the vehicle starter and ignition system, preventing drivers from starting their engine if they are over a preset breath alcohol limit. This product is designed to withstand harsh conditions, with temperatures ranging from -40 to 85 ºC, making it ideal for commercial vehicles. It will also resist vibration, dirt, dust, humidity and extreme temperatures, perfect for year-round operation and long travels. To prevent drinking while driving, the ALCOLOCK V3 is customizable; enabling periodic retesting during vehicle operation. The driver will always be given enough time to stop at a safe location before providing a breath sample. An override code or the installation of an override switch can be provided or installed for emergency situations.

Maynes Coaches completed their first round of installations for the ALCOLOCK V3 and will continue to have the rest of their fleet fitted within the upcoming months in preparation for Spring, 2016. Working closely with ALCOLOCK UK during the installation process, Maynes Coaches will additionally have their operations team fully trained to install and maintain the ALCOLOCK V3. This will allow Maynes Coaches to earn ALCOLOCK dealership status within Scotland and grants them the ability to supply and support the product in the future.

“Our company has had a random employee testing program for a many years, but with the new lower drink driving limit in Scotland, we felt we could proactively do more to ensure the safety of our customers,” note Kevin Mayne, Director , Maynes Coaches.“To ensure our company always meets the new laws. These new interlocks will be combined with other tougher safety measures, including our current random checks. At Maynes Coaches, safety is a priority and not simply an add-on; we are pioneers in using technology for the greater safety of our passengers.”

Richard Thomas, General Manager for ALCOLOCK UK noted, “We are excited to enter a new partnership with Maynes Coaches. As a leader within the alcohol interlock industry, we are pleased to see Maynes Coaches choose our ALCOLOCK V3 product to improve safety for their customers and everyone on and off the roads where their vehicles operate.”

ALCOLOCK UK and its parent company, Alcohol Countermeasure Systems (ACS), promotes road safety through industry-leading breath alcohol testing technology. By bringing innovative solutions to the marketplace, meeting the needs of safety-conscious governments and forward-thinking companies, we help to save lives through working with industry partners on every continent. Where customer, employee or public safety are priorities—our breath alcohol and drug testing solutions reduce risk and improve operational safety.