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The ALCOLOCK V3 with Wi-Fi and Focus Camera is the newest commercial interlock device designed for companies with fleet vehicles.

The ALCOLOCK V3 ignition interlock remains the same reliable and rugged ignition interlock designed to withstand vibration, dirt, dust, humidity and extreme temperatures typically found in commercial environments, while also allowing close monitoring and data collection of individual drivers and entire vehicle fleets.

The ALCOLOCK V3 ignition interlock prevents the vehicle from starting if the driver registers a breath sample over the preset limit. It includes a handset and ECU that electronically connects to the vehicle power and control system.

The Wi-Fi feature enhances the ALCOLOCK V3 ignition interlock by allowing fleet managers to monitor and manage fleet operations remotely and in real time, as well as collect, store, and transmit event log data from the Electronic Control Unit (ECU) to the ACS secure data centre hosting ALCOFLEET application software.

The Focus Camera connects to the ECU and captures images of the driver for specified events such as breath samples and violations. The images are stored in the flash memory of the camera and can be transferred securely to ACS servers via wired or wireless connection. The images are available for viewing online though ALCOFLEET in association with the vehicle file and event occurrence.

All event log data and images are stored securely and protected with AES 128 bit encryption, the industry standard for secure data handling and transmission. Stored information is automatically transferred from the ECU to the ACS secure data centre hosting ALCOFLEET software when the vehicle is within range of the base station equipped with the Wi-Fi waypoint.

The Wi-Fi and Focus Camera complements and enhances the ALCOLOCK V3 ignition interlock, offering additional security and monitoring options for commercial fleet managers.