Canadian Drug Law and DrugWipe ®

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Canadian drug law and DrugWipe

By spring 2017 there may be some major changes to Canadian drug laws. Bill Blair, former Toronto Police Chief and current Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Justice, is currently leading the Trudeau government’s project to legalize marijuana.

Through legalizing marijuana, the liberal government hopes to make the drug less accessible to children and keep profits away from criminals; decreasing drug and gang related violence as well as reducing the incarceration rate and criminal charges for possession of marijuana.

While Bill Blair works with other government officials and organizations to sort out the details of legalization, the social and health implications, and distribution and sales regulations, Alcohol Countermeasure Systems offers a quick and easy solution to help keep our roads and workplaces safe.

The DrugWipe line of products includes a range of drug detection devices to meet the varied needs of law enforcement and employers whose goal is to maintain safe roads and work environments. DrugWipe testers can detect drugs in saliva, sweat and on all surfaces. They can be configured to test one or a combination of six drug groups, including: cannabis, opiates, cocaine, amphetamine, methamphetamines, benzodiazepines and ketamine.

The DrugWipe S saliva strip can be used with the DrugRead, a user friendly, handheld electronic device that interprets and saves the DrugWipe results along with subject information. The DrugRead is perfect for use in the field, at roadside checkpoints, at police stations and on work sites.