Irizar i-Drive Track Day

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Irizar i-Drive Track Day

We are excited to announce that ALCOLOCK UK will be participating with Irizar bus and coaches at I-Drive Track Day on August 16th, 2016. Irizar is a well known UK bus and coach company that takes pride in the comfort and security of its customers. During this event, Irizar is launching their new line of coaches at Rockingham, UK. This event offers an excellent opportunity for Irizar’s customers to experience ALCOLOCK UK’s range of breath alcohol testing products.

The highlight of this event will be equipping one of the Irizar coaches with the ALCOLOCK V3 ignition interlock. Attendees will be able to see/learn how the ALCOLOCK V3 ignition interlock works as well as understand the importance of having a high-quality ignition interlock installed in one’s fleet. The ALCOLOCK V3 is and has been one of the most popular ignition interlock choices for various coach and bus companies across Europe. Installing one in a vehicle not only helps protect the driver and passenger but also improves the overall safety of anyone on the road.

During the event, ALCOLOCK UK will showcase the ALERT J5 professional breathalyzer as well the DRIVESAFE exec and DRIVESAFE express personal breathalyzers as part of our “Safety Starts Here” campaign. These series of breathalyzers are portable solutions, allowing users to get accurate breath test results and keep track of their BrAC level even before entering the vehicle.

Irizar’s i-Drive Track day promises to be eventful and ALCOLOCK UK is excited about making new connections as well as having quality discussions with the public about the importance of breath alcohol testing technology and our role in promoting road safe.