Case Study: Anthony's Travel

“ALCOLOCK UK offered us a simple solution to protect our customers, our employees and the general public. Through their continued support we couldn’t be more thrilled to have our entire fleet equipped with ALCOLOCK devices.”

Richard Bamber, Anthony’s Travel – Managing Partner

   Anthony’s Travel began their family business in 1985 and currently operates a successful fleet of 20 coaches in the UK. The company prides themselves on their ability to provide quality service and safe transportation for their drivers, passengers and the general public, which includes placing ignition interlocks in their coaches as an endeavor to ensure their drivers’ sobriety. Since implementing ALCOLOCK™ ignition interlocks in 2013, these devices have helped Anthony’s Travel secure customers, ensure public safety and improve their drivers’ lifestyles by providing awareness of the risks associated with alcohol consumption.

Anthony’s Travel

Alcohol interlocks, enhancing safety and improving lifestyles


When owning or managing a fleet of vehicles, whether those be buses, trucks, taxis or other transports, safety is one of the first things on an entrepreneur’s mind.

Drinking and driving presents a high risk to safety, as even the smallest amount of alcohol can cause impairment. After only one drink an individual can experience blurred vision, a decrease in reaction time and a lack of concentration. This can lead to dangerous and reckless driving, including not being able to press a vehicle’s brakes quickly enough, maintain speed levels or properly check a blind spot before changing lanes.

As a proactive company, Anthony’s Travel was already searching for an ultimate safety solution to prevent drunk drivers from starting their vehicles prior to being contacted by ALCOLOCK UK.

“We’ve always conducted random testing on staff using breathalyzers and we’ve tried solutions such as key safes, which allow a driver to gain access to their keys once a satisfactory test has been completed, but we wanted to take things a step further. We’re constantly looking for new ways to protect our customers, drivers and the public and ALCOLOCK UK was the perfect solution and endeavor to deliver the sobriety we needed for our business”, says Richard Bamber.

Richard Bamber’s main priority is his passengers and their safety. With the negative implications associated with drinking and driving, installing a technical solution to help prevent vehicles in his fleet from being started or driven by an impaired driver was an obvious business need.