RELIANT™ Remote Alcohol Monitoring

(English) RELIANT™ is the most technologically advanced remote monitoring unit, featuring subject tracking, biometric identification, alcohol monitoring and online communications, with scheduling, messaging and remedial intervention.


Size: 220 mm x 110 mm x 130 mm
Weight: 900 grams
Sensor: Electrochemical (fuel cell)
Specificity: Alcohol only, no response to ketones or hydrocarbon
Time to Ready: less than 5 seconds
Breath sample: Direct
Analysis time: less than 10 seconds
Range of measurement: 0 to 450 mg/dL (0.00 to 0.45 g/dL)
Location sensors: RF, NFC, MEMS (gyro, proximity, shock)
Biometric: Facial, ECG, fingerprint
Display: 7 inch colour LCD
Power: AC 90 – 250 volt to 24 vdc adapter
Backup battery: Li-ion (provides 24 hour backup)
Communications: GSM, Wi-Fi, PTSN, LAN, USB
Calibration: ALCOSIM™ or equivalent