ALCOLAB™ Testpoint


Breath Alcohol Tester

Convenient to use, designed for safety

The ALCOLAB™ testpoint is a sleek tablet breathalyzer ideal for any function where alcohol is served. It provides user-friendly operation and police-grade accuracy, allowing users to confidently self-administer breath alcohol tests.


ALCOLAB™ Testpoint
Size: 13 in x 8.5 in x 2.5 in
Weight: 5.5 lbs
Sensor: Electrochemical (fuel cell)
Specificity: Alcohol only, no response to ketones or hydrocarbon
Ambient Temperature: 5°C to 50°C
Purge Cycle (Initial Test): < 30 seconds
Breath Sample: 5 second moderate and continuous breath sample
Analysis Time: < 10 seconds
Recycle (Recovery) Time: 25 seconds
BrAC Readout Format: g/dL
Range of Measurement: 0 to 0.650 g/dL
Accuracy: ± 5% @ 0.100 g/dL
Display: 10″ touch screen
Power: AC 90 – 250 volt
Mouthpiece: Standard Drinking Straw
Calibration: ALCOSIM™ or equivalent