Breath Alcohol Simulator Calibration



If you require calibration or other maintenance/repair services not covered under warranty, please complete and follow the instructions on the Service Request Form.

Why does the ALCOSIM breath alcohol simulator need to be calibrated?

Just as it is important to calibrate a breathalyzer to ensure the sensor is reporting an accurate reading, it is essential to calibrate the ALCOSIM to ensure all components are working correctly and can calibrate breathalyzer devices effectively and efficiently.

The following is a list of reasons why it is important to calibrate the ALCOSIM:

  • ensure that the firmware is up-to-date
  • ensure that the temperature of 34 °C is reached and maintained
  • ensure that all components are working properly and free of defects

If any components of the ALCOSIM are not in working order or working effectively, the ALCOSIM will not calibrate breathalyzer devices accurately which can damage the breathalyzer sensor.

How often does the ALCOSIM breath alcohol simulator require calibration?

The ALCOSIM requires calibration at least once per year to ensure that the latest firmware is installed and that all components are in optimal working condition. The ALCOSIM may need to be calibrated sooner if you notice that it is taking longer than usual to reach 34 °C or that the temperature is not being maintained.  The ALCOSIM may also need calibration sooner than once a year if it does not seem to be calibrating breathalyzer devices properly.

How much does calibration cost?

For price information for our calibration services, contact Customer Service at

How is the ALCOSIM breath alcohol simulator calibrated?

The calibration process includes the following procedures:

  • Check for and install firmware updates
  • Check hardware to ensure all components are in optimal condition
  • Heat and stabilize the ALCOSIM at 34 °C; ensure the heater is working efficiently and the temperature remains within the expected range
  • Calibration is performed by using a thermometer to track the temperature of the ALCOSIM. The temperature is raised and lowered; the amount of time it takes for the ALCOSIM to adjust back to 34 °C is recorded. The calibration process ensures the heater and all other components are working properly
  • Verify calibration by completing the process again with a second temperature probe to ensure the results are accurate and consistent