ACS launches the ALCOLAB™ testpoint, the first portable tablet breathalyzer in Canada.

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ACS launches the ALCOLAB™ testpoint

Designed for mobility and safety, ACS is pleased to announce the release of the ALCOLAB testpoint, a breathalyzer in tablet form. It’s ideal for any function where alcohol is served: Corporate events, parties, bars or restaurants. The ALCOLAB testpoint provides user-friendly operation and police-grade accuracy through its industry leading fuel cell (electrochemical) sensor; ensuring other substances, such as cigarette smoke, will not skew results. It contains a sleek, modern design, allowing users to confidently self-administer breath alcohol tests.

The ALCOLAB testpoint is portable and convenient. Its compact design, lightweight and durability makes testing effortless; weighing approximately 5 lbs., operational in temperatures ranging from 10 to 40 ºC, utilizing an engaging 10 inch touch-screen interface, the ALCOLAB testpoint is designed to attract users, clearly displays results and promote responsible drinking and driving.

“Customers now have the option of administering their own breath alcohol tests,” said Felix J.E. Comeau, Chairman and CEO –Alcohol Countermeasure Systems (ACS). “It’s convenient, accurate, user-friendly and efficient ensuring an organized evening that starts out well ends safely.”

It’s simple: users insert a standard drinking straw into the ALCOLAB testpoint port, blow through the straw for five seconds and results appear in less than 10 seconds. The ALCOLAB testpoint will let you know if you are safe to drive through a clear, vibrant display. The ALCOLAB testpoint is also programmable, allowing users to compare their BrAC test results within local limits.

ALCOLAB testpoint is customizable. It stores data logs for all results; storing a users’ progression during an event and allowing for administrative access to a variety of reports and data. The ALCOLAB testpoint is designed for multiple event usage and to strengthen public safety.

About ACS:

Alcohol Countermeasure Systems (ACS) promotes road safety through industry-leading breath alcohol testing technology. By bringing innovative solutions to the marketplace, meeting the needs of safety-conscious governments and forward thinking companies, we help to save lives through working with industry partners on every continent. Where customer, employee or public safety are priorities—our breath alcohol and drug testing solutions reduce risk and improve operational safety.