ACS launches the DRIVESAFE™ elite, designed to fit every lifestyle.

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ACS launches the DRIVESAFE™ elite

The DRIVESAFE elite is the newest in ACS’ line of breathalyzers, it’s designed for ease of use while ensuring accuracy. “With its user-friendly interface and One-Button design, the simplicity of the DRIVESAFE elite makes it ideal for first time buyers. Our goal with our entire DRIVESAFE product line is to ensure everyone has an easy means to securing their safety,” noted Felix J.E. Comeau, Chairman and CEO–Alcohol Countermeasure Systems (ACS).

DRIVESAFE breathalyzers have been trusted by transportation safety professionals for over 25 years, providing a single point of reference for unbiased evaluations for breath alcohol content (BrAC).

“Our DRIVESAFE line ensures everyone has access to high quality, accurate, user-friendly breathalyzers; making it ideal for first time buyers, parents and young adults,” according to Mr. Comeau. “We strive to ensure our customers’ needs for safety are always top priority.”

The elite uses easy to understand instructions and contains an industry leading fuel cell (electrochemical) sensor, which is the standard for law enforcement breathalyzers used in roadside screening. The DRIVESAFE elite gives precise results in seconds and can be used within temperature ranges of 5 to 50 °C.

Made with convenience in mind; ACS utilizes its One-button operational feature and user-friendly numerical LCD display. Take it with you to social events and gatherings, or give it to a loved one and assure their safety.

About ACS:

Alcohol Countermeasure Systems (ACS) promotes road safety through industry-leading breath alcohol testing technology. By bringing innovative solutions to the marketplace, meeting the needs of safety-conscious governments and forward thinking companies, we help to save lives through working with industry partners on every continent. Where customer, employee or public safety are priorities—our breath alcohol and drug testing solutions reduce risk and improve operational safety.