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The ALCOLOCK LR is a part of ACS’ L series of commercial interlock devices, preventing drivers from driving under the influence of alcohol.  Interlocks will not interfere with the safe operation of the vehicle. Safety focused organizations incorporate alcohol interlocks into their fleet vehicles to monitor, protect and enhance the safety of their employees, clients, cargo and the general public.

The ALCOLOCK LR handset can be linked to any of the available electronic control units (ECUs) for either location based services or for wireless data transmission via Wi-Fi, GPRS or Bluetooth.

The LR handset incorporates dual sensing technology, anti-circumvention technology and dual event logging.

Breath alcohol tests normally contain one sensor within the device to determine the amount of alcohol a user has consumed. However, our dual sensing technology uses two independent electrochemical sensors to enhance the reliability and accuracy of the measurement, virtually removing the possibility of false negative or positives.

Anti-circumvention technology ensures the breath sample comes from a human subject and that the breath sample provided has not been filtered or altered. This technology also ensures environmental factors, such as dust, humidity and temperature do not impact results.

Dual event logging protects the security of the event log file and enhances the anti-circumvention measure by storing reports both in the handset and the ECU to enable remote downloads.

The L series of devices allow for configurable start and restart periods, random test occurrences and lockout periods. A lockout period is the duration of time the driver must wait after providing a failed breath test before being allowed to take a second test. Any attempts to start the vehicle with the handset disconnected will also be recorded in the handset and the ECU.