Atlantic Canada 5 year Plan

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The four Canadian Atlantic Provinces: Newfoundland, PEI, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, have entered into a contract to purchase ignition-interlock devices from ALCOLOCK Canada. The contract is for a 5 year term and allows the provinces to purchase the ignition-interlock devices from one of the world’s leading ignition interlock service provider.

The Atlantic Provinces are taking steps to eliminate impaired driving by introducing mandatory ignition-interlock installation for all impaired driving offenders as part of the process of having their license reinstated.  ”Ignition interlock programs have shown to be more effective than license suspension alone”, states Denise Connerty, Director of Compliance Monitoring with ALCOLOCK Canada. “In choosing to introduce a mandatory ignition interlock program the Atlantic Provinces are clearly taking road safety and impaired driving seriously”.

Vehicles with an ignition-interlock device installed will not start unless the driver provides a breath sample below the preset limit. ALCOLOCK’s leading anti-circumvention technology also ensures that the breath sample is from a human subject and has not been altered in any way; the electrochemical sensor only responds to human breath samples and is not affected by environmental or biological vapors such as ketones, cigarette smoke or vehicle exhaust.

ALCOLOCK Canada is a division of Alcohol Countermeasure Systems specializing in installing and monitoring ignition-interlock devices for clients convicted of impaired driving offenses. ACS’s interlock technology and ALCOLOCK’s secure proprietary software applications allow ALCOLOCK to schedule and manage client’s installation, device maintenance and personal information while adhering to government regulations regarding client personal safety and data encryption.