Chile to receive ACS’ Metrological Bench for Type Approval and Controlling Evidential Testing

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Chile to receive ACS’ Metrological Bench for Type Approval and Controlling Evidential Testing

As road safety continues to be enhanced globally, Chile recently passed regulations putting in place specific requirements for their evidential breathalyzers. The requirements are similar to those of the OIML, a worldwide, intergovernmental organization that works to unify the regulations and metrological controls supplied by the national metrological services.

In 2017, Chile will begin accepting submissions for evidential breathlyzers to  support the type approval process and to control for evidential testing, Chile will be receiving ACS’ Metrological Bench, which is designed to test, calibrate, verify and certify evidential devices.

The Metrological Bench is a multifaceted, multi-functional and highly customizable human breath alcohol simulator ideal for ISO 17025 calibration laboratories and performing OIML R 126 1998 and 2012 test protocols.

The Metrological Bench is designed to accommodate a variety of sensors and breath alcohol testing equipment, for both evidential and screening purposes. The Metrological Bench replicates the composition, temperature, volume and pressure of human breath to provide a more accurate simulated breath sample.

The Metrological bench is highly accurate at calibrating using both dry and wet gas, accommodating semiconductors, electrochemical devices, and infrared devices. Specialized software allows laboratory technicians to monitor and control the testing and calibration process. The bench also allows the operator to add interferents to a sample including: CO2, acetone, and other substances to see how the unit reacts to a variety of substances and chemical compositions.

Once Chile has selected a homologated unit, they will continue to use ACS’ Metrological Bench to perform initial and periodic testing, calibration, verification and certification.