DrugWipe®, a roadside drug screening test used globally

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As legislation regarding cannabis use evolves across multiple jurisdictions, there is a greater need for impaired driving regulations to incorporate screening tools to measure the type and amount of drugs in a person’s system to help officers maintain road safety. The DrugWipe is a quick and accurate roadside screening test already used globally by law enforcement, customs officials, drug squads and DREs (Drug Recognition Experts). DrugWipe has been developed by Securetec AG, a leader in the detection of drugs and hazardous substances.

Drugwipe detects several common drugs within 3-8 minutes. This non-invasive drug screener provides preliminary results for cannabis, opiates, cocaine, amphetamines/methamphetamines/ecstasy, methadone, ketamine and benzodiazepines. The DrugWipe line is intended for use by law enforcement and in the workplace to aid in roadside or on-site detection of drugs.

With multiple sample collection methods, DrugWipe is a versatile drug screener for use in all testing environments. The DrugWipe can detect drugs through saliva, sweat and on surfaces.

How does the DrugWipe work? Once the oral saliva sample has been collected, the sample collector is placed back on the test cassette. The administrator holds the test cassette vertically and presses the test ampoule to release a buffer liquid. This liquid helps drugs that are bound to the antibodies migrate through to the test strip. If certain drugs are found in the sample, they will bind with the antibodies and will display a corresponding red line in the readout window.

A quality control line integrated into the device indicates that the test is fully functional and that the screening test has been performed correctly. All of the control lines must show a red line in order for the test to be valid. Verification of the results is required, in particular if the results are positive.

With an accuracy rate of over 95% and the ability to function in temperatures ranging from 5-40 °C, the DrugWipe is a convenient, accurate way for law enforcement and employers to quickly administer drug testing, keeping roads, communities, and work sites safe and drug free.