DrugWipe® receives positive reviews from Public Safety Canada’s Roadside Drug Screening Pilot Project

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Alcohol Countermeasure Systems (ACS) is pleased to announce that DrugWipe oral fluid drug screening device has received positive reviews from Public Safety Canada’s Roadside Drug Screening Pilot Project. The pilot project was conducted from December 18, 2016 to March 6, 2017 in collaboration with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, seven regional police forces across Canada and the Canadian Council of Motor Transport Administrators. DrugWipe was tested under a variety of environmental conditions, including cold, rain, snow and at night.

According to the recently released Final Report on the Oral Fluid Drug Screening Device Pilot Project, feedback from police officers was largely positive. Findings declare DrugWipe to be easy (91%) and comfortable (92%) to use; officers were able to easily follow the procedural steps for conducting a test at the roadside (98%); and DrugWipe tests were successfully deployed in various weather, temperature and lighting conditions. The report concludes that an oral fluid drug screening device such as DrugWipe is “a useful additional tool for Canadian law enforcement to better detect individuals who drive under the influence of drugs”.

“With the legalization of marijuana in Canada rapidly approaching, it is important that police officers have access to a detection device that is highly accurate and easy to use,” notes Felix J.E. Comeau, Chairman and CEO of ACS. “DrugWipe offers both of these features, which are critical in improving the safety and security of our roads for all

DrugWipe is a small, self-contained, single use drug screening device that detects multiple substances in oral fluid (saliva) and is currently in use throughout Australia, Europe and the United Kingdom. Consisting of a sample collector and test cassette, DrugWipe will detect a variety of drugs including cannabis, amphetamines, cocaine and opiates.
Positive drug test results are quickly indicated by red test lines that appear on the test window after 3 to 5 minutes, ideal
for ease of use and reliability in roadside drug screening.

“Changes to traffic safety regulations with respect to drug-impaired driving are essential as the Government of Canada moves forward on its commitment to legalize and regulate access to cannabis” states Mr. Comeau. “As a Canadian based company at the forefront of alcohol-impaired testing since 1970, we look forward to working in partnership with all stakeholders to provide tools for law enforcement to meet regulatory requirements.”

DrugWipe is specially designed for law enforcement professionals, officers trained in Standardized Field Sobriety Testing (SFST) and Drug Recognition Experts (DRE) to conduct roadside drug screening. DrugWipe provides:

  • Fast, reliable and sensitive drug screening
  • Results in 3 to 5 minutes
  • Simple, hygienic and accurate (5 ng/ml THC)
  • Small oral fluid sample required (< 10 μL of saliva)
  • Compact, light and portable

ACS is the exclusive distributor of DrugWipe in North America and an international group of companies with over 40 years of experience developing innovative technology to prevent impaired driving. Our focus on science, safety, and security has allowed us to evolve from pioneers into industry leaders in the field of traffic safety solutions, addressing the complex needs of our diverse communities as well as the regulatory, commercial and consumer safety groups.