MADD Canada Sponsor ACS Promotes Road Safety With Innovative and Effective Interlock Technology

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Creating and implementing strategies to increase road safety is a top priority for law makers and organizations focused on preventing road fatalities. Many international companies are working towards developing new technology and tools to manage risks, decrease road fatalities, and increase safety for road users world-wide.

However, no matter how many crash avoidance and protection features are built into a vehicle, and how many road safety solutions are integrated into the roadway infrastructure, no one is safe when an impaired driver is behind the wheel.

Alcohol ignition interlocks are an essential and highly effective tool for preventing impaired driving. Studies show that over 50% of impaired driving offenders continue to drive even after losing their license. As the only device that can physically prevent an offender from driving while impaired, the ignition interlock is an essential tool for keeping impaired drivers off the roads.

Despite the current effectiveness of ignition interlocks, Alcohol Countermeasure Systems (ACS) continues to test and expand the capabilities of ignition interlock technology to include the use of biometric identifiers, remote monitoring and vehicle tracking.

Test results and violations can be monitored remotely; information can be sent from the device by multiple communication methods or by using ACS’s AlcoTrack monitoring software. Data can include alcohol level, driver identity, and location of the test so alternate transportation can be arranged in the case of a violation. Integration with mobile technology can allow the vehicle administrator to access the interlock settings remotely and disable the interlock during servicing or in an emergency. The vehicle administrator can also view the results with GPS coordinates in real time.

ACS’ vision is to be a world leader in promoting road safety and preventing impaired driving. Its mission is to continue to research and develop innovative, high quality, and user-friendly products and services to keep people safe while strengthening our commitment to environmental and social responsibility.

As a long-time Gold Technology Sponsor of MADD Canada, and a Presenting Sponsor of the MADD Canada PIA Law Strides for Change (GTA) event, ACS is a generous supporter of MADD Canada’s programs and services aimed at preventing impaired driving and supporting victims/survivors.