Metrological Bench

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Metrological Bench

Alcohol Countermeasure Systems is pleased to announce the launch of the ACS Metrological Bench.

The Metrological Bench is designed to calibrate police-grade, evidential breathalyzers; it offers customized calibration and provides extremely accurate results. The Metrological Bench differs from other calibration devices in that the alcohol reference solution is mixed in the machine and is composed of a combination of water, alcohol, CO2 and two other gas options (interferents) depending on laboratory requirements. The customizable breath sample mixture results in a composition that more closely matches the composition of human breath compared to the pre-mixed alcohol reference solution.

In addition to the customizable reference solution, the Metrological Bench is highly sophisticated and carefully monitors and controls the simulated breath sample to ensure it matches the temperature, volume and pressure of a human breath sample.

The temperature remains consistent and accurate throughout the process when being transferred from the Metrological Bench to the breathalyzer device by means of the heated breath exit tube. The volume coincides with the maximum volume of the human lung and pressure is maintained to match the pressure of a human breath sample.

The Metrological Bench can be connected to a laptop with specialized software, allowing the laboratory technician to monitor and control the calibration process.

The Metrological Bench is an essential tool for laboratories that perform calibration procedures on police grade, evidential breathalyzer devices. The configurable settings and highly accurate results ensure that the specific calibration needs of professional laboratories are easily met, and that breath alcohol testing devices are calibrated with the highest degree of accuracy.