School Transportation News (STN) Expo 2017: Commercial Interlocks for School Transportation Safety

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Series with multi-ethnic group of teenage students boarding and on a school bus. Students boarding the bus.

Alcohol Countermeasure Systems (ACS) subsidiary, ALCOLOCK USA, recently attended the 2017 School Transportation News (STN) Expo, Conference and Tradeshow from July 7 to 12, 2017. The event was designed to unite professionals involved in school transportation sectors and welcomed anyone who was interested in learning about the latest transportation training, products and service trends. The event also provided an opportunity for employers to gather new and innovative ideas on how to reduce costs, increase safety and improve their fleet operations and transportation teams.

STN explains the need to further enhance school transportation safety through a recently published article, about a bus driver in South Carolina who was arrested and charged with drunk driving and child endangerment for being nearly 4 times over the legal limit while transporting children to school. In this case no one was injured, but the incident could have led to dangerous outcomes.

With more and more incidents of school bus drivers transporting students while impaired, the demand for commercial interlocks is growing. ALCOLOCK USA shared knowledge of its commercial applications at the STN Expo by providing information about ALCOLOCK ignition alcohol interlock devices. By only enabling starting of the vehicle when the driver provides a breath test below a set breath alcohol content (BrAC) limit, ALCOLOCK devices lower the chances of impaired driving and keep children safe.

STN’s objective is to provide the best education to an industry where child safety and security is a main priority. School buses equipped with ALCOLOCK alcohol interlocks eliminate dangerous situations involving alcohol before they can happen.



ALCOLOCK USA is the premium provider of ignition interlock equipment and has been providing reliable ignition interlock service for more than 40 years. ALCOLOCK USA operates a network of Authorized Service Centers throughout the USA; each service center is staffed by ALCOLOCK trained professionals and supported by a nearby corporate service center. ALCOLOCK USA is a division of Alcohol Countermeasure Systems (ACS), a leading designer and manufacturer of alcohol interlocks and breath alcohol testers worldwide. ACS designs and manufactures industry-leading evidential, commercial and personal breath alcohol sensing equipment used by law enforcement, automotive, industrial, public and personal safety markets.