Transporting Students with Disabilities conference: ALCOLOCK™ V3

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TORONTO, Wednesday, March 15, 2017–Students with disabilities have a multitude of anxieties when it comes to school transportation. For the students and their parents, impaired driving should not be one of those anxieties.

ALCOLOCK™ is a global leader of alcohol ignition interlocks and breathalyzer products. With an objective to promote road safety through innovative, industry-leading technology that increases public safety, we are proud of our over 40-year history in servicing and supporting our customers. With a large portion of our communities around the world relying on public transportation, the need for peace of mind and security measures to mitigate risks is critical amongst school transportation, especially for drivers dealing with disabled children.

“A reoccurring news topic when it comes to school buses and safety is impaired driving. On the surface we can see how intoxication can place children in real danger but even trace amounts of alcohol can influence drivers and in turn negatively impact children. ALCOLOCK created a solution to fit those demands, the ALCOLOCK™ V3,” says Bill Shepherd, ALCOLOCK USA’s leader of Business Development for Commercial Interlocks.

We know alcohol impacts individuals differently. Even at the lowest level of BrAC, users can see an impact to (1) psychomotor skills: impairments for coordination, automatic responses, strength and speed; (2) cognitive skills: ability to focus and understand including, forgetting proper safety protocol; (3) self-perception: users are likely to make riskier decisions, leading to endangered lives; and (4) personality: increased aggressive behaviour and reduced inhibitions. When alcohol is involved, drivers lack the ability to perform their required duties, which is where the ALCOLOCK V3 ignition interlock can help.

The ALCOLOCK V3 is hard-wired to the vehicle starter and ignition system, preventing drivers from starting the engine if they are over a pre-set breath alcohol limit. For school bus drivers a zero tolerance policy can be initiated. Designed to withstand harsh conditions, with temperatures ranging from -40 to 185 ̊F, the ALCOLOCK V3 is ideal for school transportation vehicles. Resisting vibration, dirt, dust, humidity and extreme temperatures, the ALCOLCOK V3 is ideal for year-round operation and long travels. To prevent drinking while driving, the ALCOLOCK V3 is customizable; enabling periodic retesting. The driver will always be given enough time to stop at a safe location before providing a breath sample. An override code or the installation of an override switch can be provided or installed for emergency situations.

“Children with disabilities face many challenges and having a bus driver able to fully assist with providing support is essential.  The ALCOLOCK V3 helps support road safety, ensuring drivers are fit to drive and be active guardians, reducing risk and providing peace of mind to parents, children and communities,” says Mr. Shepherd.



ALCOLOCK USA is the premium provider of ignition interlock equipment and has been providing reliable ignition interlock service for more than 40 years. ALCOLOCK USA operates a network of Authorized Service Centers throughout the USA; each service center is staffed by ALCOLOCK trained professionals and supported by a nearby corporate service center. ALCOLOCK USA is a division of Alcohol Countermeasure Systems (ACS), a leading designer and manufacturer of alcohol interlocks and breath alcohol testers worldwide. ACS designs and manufactures industry-leading evidential, commercial and personal breath alcohol sensing equipment used by law enforcement, automotive, industrial, public and personal safety markets.