Personal breathalyzer

DRIVESAFE élan’s small size makes it discrete and easy to carry in a pocket, purse or briefcase. Use it anywhere along with your smartphone to track your Breath Alcohol Concentration (BrAC) level.

Connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth and the mobile app displays your results instantly. Use the app to call a friend or taxi for a ride or Tweet your results

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DRIVESAFE élan uses advanced electrochemical sensors, the standard for law enforcement breathalyzers, for stability and accuracy.


DRIVESAFE élan Android app uses an effortless interface. Once downloaded, icons on the smartphone guide the user confidently through the test sequence. The DRIVESAFE élan notes the user’s height, weight and gender to give an estimated Blood Alcohol Content (BAC).


DRIVESAFE élan has a compact design, making it ideal for on-the-go, tech-savvy users.


Download the application and pair your Android device to the DRIVESAFE élan using a USB cable. The on-screen prompts guide the user through the breath alcohol test, results are displayed and stored directly on your phone. Wait twenty minutes after eating or drinking to ensure accurate results. Always rinse your mouth prior to a breath sample.

Technical specifications

specs Sensor
specs Display
On Android device
specs Analysis Time
≺ 10 seconds
specs Battery
No battery required
specs Accuracy
± 5 @ 50 mg/dL
specs Battery life
1000 tests

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