Electronic monitoring device

RELIANT EMU is a portable breath alcohol tester used in electronic monitoring programs for subjects on pre-trial, parole, probation or court order to observe alcohol free behaviour in community supervision, home confinement or 24/7 applications.

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Simple enrolment

The subject is enrolled online, the App is installed in the smartphone to provide secure communication with the central database, and the EMU is registered to the program to accredit the breath alcohol test results.

Interactive operation

The subject can view messages, appointments and maintain monitoring schedules that are entered into the client file with connection to the central database. Case management officers may amend schedules accordingly.

Biometric identification

RELIANT EMU captures an image of the subject during the breath sample and uses highly robust facial recognition technology for subject identification.

Anytime, anywhere

Subjects may follow their work and life schedule while being alerted to provide breath tests with images on a random or fixed schedule.

Daubert standard

RELIANT EMU is programmed to require a series of additional breath tests when breath alcohol is detected above the threshold level to confirm the presence of alcohol and the validity of the breath alcohol measurement.

Continuous monitoring

The RELIANT App connects to the central database through a cellular connection to maintain client schedules, to report on compliance, to provide instant messaging and to enable continuous supervision.

Technical specifications

specs Sensor
specs Display
Colour LED for device status
specs Analysis Time
5 to 15 seconds
specs Battery
2 x AA alkaline
specs Accuracy
±5 @ 50 mg/dL
specs Battery life
1000 tests

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