ALCOLOCK™ L series

ALCOLOCK™ L series

Alcohol ignition interlock

specs US DOT (NHTSA) and CENELEC EN 50436 Parts 1 and 2

ALCOLOCK L series features a user-friendly handset to perform breath alcohol tests and Electronic Control Unit (ECU) options. Drivers use the handset to provide a breath sample, and the ECU inhibits vehicle operation if the test result is above a preset limit.

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Dual sensing technology

Breath alcohol analysis is conducted by two independent electrochemical sensors to enhance reliability and accuracy of the measurement.


Breath signature technology ensures that accepted breath samples come directly from a human subject and have not been filtered or altered before the alcohol sensor performs the analysis.

Dual event logging

Events are logged in both the handset and the ECU enabling remote downloads while protecting the security of the event log file and enhancing anti-circumvention measures.

ALCOLOCK L series ECU options



Directed to light duty commercial operations (delivery vans or taxi fleets) where space limitations are a consideration.

  • Integrations with telematics (optional)
  • FOCUS camera (optional)


ALCOLOCK LC with Wi-Fi is directed to fleet operations where vehicles return to a central fleet garage or base of operations on a frequent basis.

  • Wi-Fi*
  • GPS*
  • Integration with telematics
  • FOCUS camera (optional)


ALCOLOCK LM with GPRS is directed to fleet operations where vehicles do not return to a base of operations on a regular basis, or where real time reporting is needed.

  • GPS
  • GPRS
  • FOCUS camera

System options


Programmable to meet company safety policy requirements. Drivers may be tested at the beginning of their shift or at intervals throughout the day.

Communication capabilities

All ALCOLOCK L series devices can manually transfer data for real-time reporting of critical events. Devices with GPRS connectivity provide instant notifications.

Fleet monitoring solutions

ALCOLOCK L series can be integrated with existing telematics systems, recording date, time, and breath test result for each event, as well as optional information such as GPS location.

Secure data handling

Events are logged in both the handset and the ECU, which can be downloaded remotely and accessed via AlcoFleet™ software or a download station. Logs and communication are protected with AES 128 bit encryption standard.

Technical specifications

specs Sensor
Dual, electrochemical sensor
specs Display
Colour OLED
specs Analysis time
5 to 15 seconds
specs Wireless options
specs Accuracy
±5 @ 50 mg/dL
specs Operating voltage
12 or 24 volt DC

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* If Wi-Fi feature is included, GPS option will be an optional feature and vice versa.

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