Breath alcohol simulator

ALCOSIM is the easy and accurate way to calibrate or check-calibrate breath‑alcohol testing instruments. Carefully maintaining an alcohol reference solution, ALCOSIM produces an air-alcohol sample of precise concentration, equivalent to the calibration set point of the breath alcohol-testing instrument.

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Scientific precision

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How it works

Equipped with a reference thermometer, ALCOSIM maintains the standard reference solution at mouth temperature (+34 °C ±0.02 °C) to simulate a human breath sample.

Easy to use

Once the green light indicates that ALCOSIM is at operating temperature, simply breathe into the inlet hose to produce an air-alcohol sample.

Built for lifetime use

Medical grade plastic and stainless steel provide chemical resistance and anti corrosion, while extensive internal sealing provides leak resistance.

Technical specifications

specs Liquid level
500 mL
specs Accuracy
±0.02 °C
specs Time to ready
≺ 12 minutes
specs Display
Graphic LCD
specs Recycle time
≺ 5 seconds
specs Operating voltage
110 or 220 volt

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