ALCOSIM™ Calibration Bench

ALCOSIM™ Calibration Bench

Multi-stage calibration station

ALCOSIM Calibration Bench is a multi‑stage calibration station that optimizes gas flow and the use of alcohol reference solution, eliminating human error and providing consistent simulated breath samples for the calibration of portable breath alcohol testers.

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Convenient to use, designed for safety

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Multi-stage breath simulation

Three tandems of ALCOSIM breath alcohol simulators may be used with different concentrations of alcohol reference solution, calibrating a breath alcohol tester to a wide range of thresholds to accommodate varied operational requirements.


The adjustable test platform accommodates a variety of breath alcohol testers, including passive testers. The breath flow regulator controls the pressure and flow of the simulated breath sample, which may be adjusted to suit operational requirements.

Easy to use and maintain

Solid and sturdy, yet easy to assemble and disassemble, the ALCOSIM Calibration Bench is the most reliable, mobile calibration bench of its kind.

Technical specifications

specs Timer
0-99 second with 2 decimal accuracy
specs Display
LED indicator
specs Air flow meter range
4-20 L/m
specs Operating voltage
2 dual 12 or 24 volt DC

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