Metrological Test Bench

Metrological Test Bench

Multi-functional breath alcohol simulator


Designed to accommodate a variety of breath alcohol testing equipment for both evidential and screening purposes. The Metrological Test Bench replicates the human breath in order to verify, calibrate and certify alcohol testing products.

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Multi-functional and customizable

The Metrological Test Bench generates alcohol reference solutions that are customized depending on test requirements.

Wet and dry calibration

In addition to the wet gas mixture, the Metrological Test Bench is configured to use dry mixtures, maximizing sample options.

Custom breath samples

The system is highly regulated and flexible, laboratory technicians can change parameters to obtain multiple component mixture for a complete range of alcohol concentrations.

Controlled temperature zones

Regulated zones inside the Metrological Test Bench ensure that the simulated breath sample is at a temperature comparable to a real human respiratory tract.

Highly sophisticated

Temperature remains consistent and accurate throughout the process when being transferred from the Metrological Test Bench to the breath alcohol tester.

Multiple device calibration

The Metrological Test Bench can be enhanced with a multiplexer for maximum efficiency. It allows up to 4 additional units to be serviced in sequence for high volume verification testing.

Technical specifications

specs Breath time
2 to 30 seconds
specs Operating voltage
220 V / 110 V 50 / 60 Hz
specs Display
Integrated electronic interface
specs Dimensions
136 cm x 56 cm x 80 cm

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