Versatile and reliable alcohol interlocks

ACS alcohol ignition interlocks are the premium alcohol interlock for safety-conscious organizations, allowing vehicle and fleet administrators to monitor vehicle use and ensure drivers are not operating while under the influence of alcohol.


  • Enhance safety of employees, clients, cargo and the public
  • Strengthen your corporate image and protect your reputation
  • Potentially receive reductions in insurance premiums
  • Reduce costs and downtime due to alcohol impaired driving
  • Eliminate the need for random alcohol testing of drivers

Customizable safety solutions

Safety focused organizations use our alcohol interlocks to ensure the safe transport of passengers and goods, and to protect employees and other road users. Strengthen your corporate image by demonstrating that your organization is safety conscious and committed to providing quality service to customers.

Comprehensive interlock services

Passenger and public transportation

Enhance the safety of your passengers, drivers and road users. Reduce the risk of personal injury and damage to property and vehicles caused by alcohol related accidents by ensuring drivers of public transit, taxis and school buses cannot operate vehicles prior to the successful completion of a breath alcohol test.

Reliable ignition interlock equipment

Goods transportation

Protect your cargo, drivers, and road users by ensuring drivers cannot operate a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol. Maintain compliance with your company alcohol policy and eliminate the need for random alcohol testing, continuously monitor vehicle usage and receive ongoing critical event reports.

Reporting to administering authority

Heavy equipment and machinery

Increase the safety of your worksite by decreasing the risk of personal injury and damage to property while strengthening your company’s alcohol policy. Ensure operators of construction, mining, and special purpose vehicles cannot operate equipment prior to the successful completion of a breath alcohol test.

Standard features


Ensures breath samples come directly from a human subject and have not been filtered or altered prior to analysis.

Dual sensing technology

Breath alcohol analysis is conducted by two independent sensors, enhancing the reliability and accuracy of the result.

Telematics integration

Designed to integrate with existing telematics systems to enable fleet managers to monitor the sobriety of drivers.

Secure data handling

Secured with AES 128 bit encryption, event data is logged in the handset and ECU. Flash memory preserves data if the vehicle battery is disconnected.

Additional options

Design an alcohol interlock that meets your needs


Camera image ID

The Focus camera enhances vehicle monitoring by capturing an image of the driver during critical events such as breath samples and violations.


GPS location monitoring

Breath analysis results are recorded in memory with time, date and GPS coordinates to enhance vehicle monitoring.


Wireless data transfer

Breath analysis results, camera images, and GPS coordinates can be downloaded wirelessly via Bluetooth®, Wi-Fi or GPRS.

AlcoFleet data management software

Securely organize, store, and retrieve device data using AlcoFleet data management software. Access breath test results, GPS coordinates and more anywhere, anytime.


Access fleet data easily through a secure web access on any browser available on PC, tablet or smartphone. Fleet managers may set up role-based access to AlcoFleet™ for designated personnel.


Download device data from the ECU, including BrAC test results, camera images, and GPS coordinates via CAN bus connection, wired connection or wireless transfer. All data is stored securely on AlcoFleet™ servers.


Customizable features allow fleet managers and designated personnel to enroll vehicles, change parameters and view transactions, and receive real-time alerts via email/SMS for critical events.

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