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Our innovative products and program services offer safety-conscious governments, individuals, and forward-thinking companies the solutions to protect lives and secure capital investments. As a result of our efforts, impaired driving statistics have notably improved, and millions of dollars are saved by reducing property damage and business interruptions.

Breath alcohol testers

Breath alcohol testers estimate the blood alcohol content or concentration (BAC) by measuring the amount of alcohol in the subject’s breath.

For law enforcement officers, health and safety professionals, criminal justice workers and safety conscious consumers.

Alcohol ignition interlocks

The alcohol interlock ensures safe vehicle use by preventing the vehicle engine from starting if alcohol is detected when the driver performs a breath test.

For commercial and OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) applications as well as compliance monitoring programs

Monitoring systems

Our remote alcohol monitoring instruments may be used in electronic monitoring programs for subjects on pre-trial, parole, probation or court order to observe alcohol free behaviour in community supervision, home confinement or 24/7 applications.

Drug screeners

Easy, quick and hygienic handling, DrugWipe® is one of the best drug tests in the world with lowest sampling volume and easy to read color indicator. DrugWipe® is the leading choice for law enforcement, border control, rehabilitation clinics and prison systems worldwide.

Calibration equipment

Accurate calibration is an essential aspect for maintaining the integrity and quality of all breath alcohol testing instruments; calibration is especially critical when the devices are for law enforcement and evidential purposes. ACS offers a variety of options to meet the specific requirements of calibration laboratories. 

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