Enhance safety in any situation

ACS offers a range of breath alcohol testing devices designed to enhance safety programs and policies in any setting. Our products are designed and manufactured to operate effectively and reliably in a variety of public and industrial settings, and we offer industry-leading, reliable, and user-friendly solutions to meet your specific needs.

Workplace safety solutions



Whether testing the environment for the presence of alcohol, or as part of a comprehensive drug and alcohol policy, our devices are engineered for accuracy and ease of use. Perfect for airports, hospitals, penitentiaries and other safety-sensitive areas, ensure public safety with our devices.



Our solutions help ensure employees, contractors and visitors remain safe by reducing alcohol consumption-related incidents in access-controlled environments. Designed for life in harsh environments, our devices are ideal for construction sites, laboratories, and heavy industry.



Our devices are designed to operate effectively in a variety of settings, such as bars, restaurants, casinos and nightclubs. Each device contains a professional-grade alcohol specific sensor, ensuring other substances, such as cigarette smoke, dust and humidity will not skew results.

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