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In 2008, ACS undertook one of its most ambitious integrations with Volvo Bus. This project required that the ALCOLOCK™ V3 communicate directly with the vehicle’s electronic control system over the vehicle’s CAN bus. Working closely with Volvo Bus engineers, a protocol was developed to exchange messages between the vehicle computer and the alcohol interlock. The main purpose for this integration was to allow Volvo Bus to be able to customize the alcohol interlock in the vehicle for specific customer implementations.

One of these features was allowing the bus to be started without an alcohol test and be able to drive up to a speed of 5 KPH while deploying the emergency flashers. This allowed the bus to be moved around the depot for maintenance and cleaning and warming up the bus cabin without repeated tests by maintenance staff. Once the bus driver was ready to exit the depot, providing an alcohol test would allow the bus to drive at normal speeds and turn the emergency flashers off.

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