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Volvo Car

Volvo Cars

In 2005, Volvo Cars awarded the contract to develop an alcohol interlock specifically for their vehicles. Volvo Car was the first vehicle manufacturer to request a custom designed, integrated alcohol interlock solution. The criterion was to be battery operated, communicate wirelessly to the vehicle immobilizer to allow the vehicle to be started when an alcohol free test was completed, and meet all the standard Volvo Car technical requirements for an electronic component.

Communicating wirelessly directly to the vehicle immobilizer meant that the alcohol interlock ECU was no longer required and therefore reduces the overall cost of the system. Working closely with Volvo Car engineers, a design for the device and its mounting fixture were developed. Prototypes proved the design concept and pre-production parts were assembled and tested. After a two-year development cycle, the first vehicles entered the marketplace in 2007. Nine years later, ACS continues to produce the ALCOGUARD™ alcohol interlock for Volvo Cars.

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