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The partnership between Volvo Truck and ACS started modestly with the aftermarket installation of the ALCOLOCK™ V3 in 2002. In 2004 development started between Volvo Truck and ACS to produce a variant of the ALCOLOCK™ V3 that would meet the more stringent standards of Volvo Truck. These requirements included high and low temperature extremes, ESD, EMC and vibration.

In 2005 the revised ALCOLOCK™ V3 entered the marketplace. Volvo was the first truck manufacturer to offer its customers a production fitted alcohol interlock. In 2013, the product line was expanded to include Renault Truck, now a division of the Volvo Group. For more than 15 years ACS has provided Volvo Truck with alcohol interlocks to keep their customers and the public safe.

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