Breath alcohol tester

Designed for public use and safety sensitive industries. It provides professional-grade accuracy and user-friendly operation to ensure users can self-administer their own breath alcohol tests with confidence.

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Electrochemical sensor

ALCOLAB uses electrochemical sensor technology, the standard for law enforcement breathalyzers. The professional-grade sensor is specific to alcohol, ensuring results will not be skewed.

Ease of use

ALCOLAB is fast, reliable and fully automated. The user-friendly LED display indicates the user’s BrAC level and the reference limit.

Public and industry safety

ALCOLAB operates effectively and reliably in a variety of settings, from public locations such as restaurants and casinos to industrial settings including mining, construction, and more.

Technical specifications

specs Sensor
specs Display
LED illuminated display, 3 digit BAC
specs Analysis time
≺ 10 seconds
specs Operating voltage
110 - 220 volt AC
specs Accuracy
±5 @ 50 mg/dL

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