Alcohol ignition interlock

ALCOLOCK GR is a wireless alcohol interlock (in-car breath alcohol screening instrument) that connects to the car’s ignition system. It prevents a vehicle’s engine from starting when it detects that a driver’s breath alcohol concentration (BrAC) is over a preset limit.

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Wireless compliance

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Biometric monitoring and camera image ID

Facial biometrics and hum tone recognition are used to identify the driver as the person providing the breath sample. When combined with the FOCUS camera, an image of the driver is taken with each critical event.

Multi-language display

ALCOLOCK GR has a number of customizable options, such as volume control, language selection, and sleep/wake up times. The single multi-function button allows for straightforward usability.

Dual event logging

Events are logged in both the handset and the ECU enabling downloads while protecting the security of the event log file and enhancing anti-circumvention measures.

Secure data handling

Event log files and communication are protected with AES 128 bit encryption standard for security of the memory and the transmission of data files. Flash memory preserves the event log when the vehicle battery is disconnected.

Enhanced compliance monitoring

Events are recorded in memory with time and date to enhance compliance monitoring and to deter circumvention. Jurisdictional authorities may access the data online via a secure web based portal, and notifications may be sent by email/ SMS.

Data transmission

Event log data is transmitted from the handset at an ACS service center hosting the AlcoTrack™ suite of applications for program management of client and vehicle data. Wired data transmission ensures a secure transfer of sensitive data.

Technical specifications

specs Sensor
specs Display
Graphic LCD
specs Analysis time
5 to 25 seconds
specs Automatic power down
specs Accuracy
±5 @ 50 mg/dL
specs Operating voltage
12 or 24 volt DC

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