Passive breathalyzer

ALCOSCAN is an easy-to-use, non-invasive breath alcohol tester that detects the presence of alcohol within the environment. The highly sensitive electrochemical sensor quickly processes a sample from the air and provides results in seconds. No mouthpieces or special attachments required.

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Simple and efficient

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Non-invasive breath testing

With a one-button operation and easy to comprehend LED interface, breath tests are simple to acquire and quick to analyze. When you’re in the field, whether wearing gloves or handling multiple objects, you’ll appreciate the non-invasive ease-of-use of ALCOSCAN.

Electrochemical sensor

ALCOSCAN uses industry leading electrochemical sensor technology to guarantee the most accurate results possible. The ergonomic design, robust construction and high quality manufacturing ensures a user-friendly experience and long-lasting sensor operation.

Data storage and transmission

ALCOSCAN breath alcohol tester is available with storage and data download functionality. The M-model allows up to 1,000 saved events to be stored within the unit. The data can then be transferred elsewhere via a micro USB connection.

Ensuring employee safety

ALCOSCAN tester is the ideal match to any company’s comprehensive drug and alcohol policy. The discreet operation can detect the presence of alcohol in individuals, open containers and within the environment and does not require active user participation.

Technical specifications

specs Sensor
specs Display
3-coloured LED (pass, warn, fail)
specs Analysis Time
≺ 10 seconds
specs Memory*
Up to 1,000 events
specs Accuracy
±2 @ 20 mg/dL
specs Data transfer*
Micro USB port

*Only available with the ALCOSCAN M version

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