SAF’IR™ Evolution

SAF’IR™ Evolution

Evidential breathalyzer

specs OIML R 126 1998 – edition international recommendation

SAF’IR Evolution is the industry’s first handheld infrared breath alcohol tester, perfect for police enforcement. Able to withstand harsh conditions, this rugged evidential analyzer is a reliable partner for any law enforcement official.

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Evidential accuracy

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Reliable mobility

SAF’IR Evolution is a full-featured evidential breathalyzer optimized for portable handheld use. Its ergonomic design, simple and intuitive user interface and rechargeable battery ensure fast and accurate sample collection in any environment.

Quick test analysis

SAF’IR Evolution features a start-up time of less than one minute, providing instant response times and immediate on-screen display of all test results. The innovative multi-use design allows for evidential, screening, and passive tests to be performed, all on one device.

Evidential sensor

SAF’IR Evolution uses our most advanced alcohol-specific infrared sensor to guarantee the best evidential results possible. Each sample is analyzed with evidential accuracy, helping officers complete their job safely and efficiently.

Evidence in your hand

SAF’IR Evolution stores the result of each breath test it performs, which can be recalled at any time. Print evidential results in the field, complete with timestamps and GPS* coordinates, by pairing the SAF’IR Evolution with a portable Bluetooth® printer.

Technical specifications

specs Sensing technology
Infrared absorption
specs Memory
3,200 time-stamped events
specs Analysis Time
≺ 10 seconds
specs Data transfer
PC via USB cable and ACS software
specs Accuracy
±5 @ 100 mg/dL
specs Battery
Built-in rechargeable NiMH battery

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